Tiny Tigers ? has a special little ?that needs some extra help!?
Basil came in with her siblings after they were discovered under a home. The mom cat was not not around at this point and Basil was found separated from the others very cold and barely alive. She put them on a heating pad and began trying to feed them with no real success. She reached out to Tiny Tigers desperate for help. The litter was brought in. Basil was unresponsive and running a fever. We realized during exam, she had puncture wounds on her head. We don’t know if she was attacked by a predator and dropped when it was frightened by a noise or activity or an accident of some sort. Either way she was in desperate, immediate need. Fortunately we had a nursing mom that took in the siblings and began feeding and caring for them. Basil received attention and began to respond and stabilize some. She has gone into a foster home so she gets individual attention. She is now eating from a syringe and even has stood up alittle and took a few steps on her own!
We are so excited that she is beginning to respond and showing good signs. It will be a long journey for her. Please donate if you can. She deserves the chance to heal and become a Roaring ? Tiny Tiger ?!

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