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Arlo says it’s pretty rude that he doesn’t have his own hoomans yet ? This handsome hunk came to us after a Good Samaritan took him in. Concerned because of his hair loss, we were contacted. Once he was with us, it was discovered that he had flea allergy dermatitis. His hair has grown back beautifully, as you can see! ? We also quickly realized that Arlo is declawed. ? Yes, someone threw this guy outside with no way to defend himself! ??
He isn’t a big fan of small dogs, especially chihuahuas, but trust us Arlo, everyone is afraid of chihuahuas! ? He would probably do okay with larger dogs who aren’t high energy/high volume. ? He loves, loves, loves being petted and is very vocal about letting you know it’s time for cuddles. We know the purrrfect home is out there, just waiting for Arlo! ? If you believe it may be yours, please contact us today about meeting this fluffy, flirty feline!! ?