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Tiny Tiger success story:
Meet Honey ?
?? Honey came from the shelter with her two sweet kittens. Not much more than a kitten herself, she was a good little mama, letting her babies nurse anytime they wanted. She was calm and quiet and attentive. We were afraid she’d grieve when her kittens were placed elsewhere.
? Honey already had a home waiting for her when her babies were weaned. And her new family reports that Honey is a WILD CHILD! ?? She’s a kitten all over again, opening her bedroom door ? and escaping, running and playing all night with her favorite toys ?, watching Impractical Jokers ? with her big bro, taking fire selfies ? and crashing while everyone else is at work ?
?? Honey is experiencing this new life solely because Tiny Tigers was able to pull her from the shelter. A volunteer picked her and her little family up and brought them to the rescue. She was spayed and microchipped, fed and housed in a big part due to your kind and generous donations. It really does take a village, and we are so grateful for the wonderful people in ours. We wish you all love and light and positivity (and hopefully some sunshine ☀️) in the upcoming week! Have a great night, friends and family ?