Introducing our newest Tiny Tiger ?, Harbor.
Harbor once belonged to someone and was abandoned. There were many feral kitties living in the area and daily took offense to Harbor being in their area! They attacked him regularly and literally were ripping him apart!
We can’t say this enough; if you choose to abandon a cat you are setting it up for torture!!!!!! This poor kitty didn’t have a chance, since he not only was alone but all the other cats were larger than him. Because of this he also tested positive for FIV.
This is what happens to an abandoned cat left at a feral colony!!!!!! If you are kind enough to feed a feral colony, we appreciate that; but we beg you to also spay/neuter these cats to reduce the fighting, roaming, breeding, transmission of disease and over all suffering of these kitties ?‍⬛ ?!
This poor guy had many bites, abscesses and wounds from the beating he was taking. Please help us to help him. He will continue to get treatment so that he can heal.
If you are able, please donate toward his vet bills.

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