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Meet Ruka. He was attacked by something while living life as a stray. We aren’t sure what, but it looks like it got the best of him.
He is on antibiotics for multiple abscesses, as well as pain medication to keep him comfortable as he heals.
If things don’t turn around for him soon, he’s facing a possible front leg amputation.
But Ruka takes it all in stride, as he is a champion medicine taker, loves being petted on his sweet little head and
his purring can be heard all over the rescue at meal times. Ruka’s behavior indicates that he was likely a pet at one time.
We can only imagine what led him to the life he was living, and while we don’t know his backstory,
we will do all we can to ensure that the rest of his tale is a happy one. His situation is why we do what we do.
Without intervention, he would have probably met a slow and painful end. It’s an all too common occurrence in our area.
Through education and our TNR program, we are hopeful that we will eventually be seeing fewer stories like Ruka’s.
Until then, with your continued support, we will keep fighting for our ”silver lining” kitties and we will keep you posted on this handsome fella’s progress.