Kahn-1-1.jpg Mulan-1-0.jpg

Ever dreamed of living with a real life Disney character? Here’s your chance! Meet Mulan (mama kitty) and Kahn (baby kitten, please don’t tell him he’s a baby, he’s convinced he’s a very scary super villain). Mulan is super affectionate and calm, while her son is your typical wild child. Mom has recently retired her swords and her warrior moves, we have no doubt that she’s training Kahn to follow in her stealthy footsteps.
Mulan and Kahn may be adopted together or separately. While we would be thrilled to have them go to the same family/home, we also know that Mulan wouldn’t mind a break from training her little warrior. As you know, kitties mature at a much faster rate than us humans and she is sure Kahn would be fine striking out on his own. While feel that mom would do well in pretty much any environment, we think that Kahn needs a brother or sister (hooman or kitty), someone with plenty of energy to keep up with all the playing he likes to do. Please get in touch with us ASAP if you are interested in either (or both!) of these adorable kitties!