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Meet Ruka

Meet Ruka. He was attacked by something while living life as a stray. We aren’t sure what, but it looks like it got the best of him. He is on antibiotics for multiple abscesses, as well as pain medication to keep him comfortable as he heals. If things don’t turn...

Bonded sisters seek home together

Reintroducing our three very special sisters, Miesha, Rousey and Laila! These girls have been with us for seven years . Yes, you read that right, SEVEN YEARS. Finding a home for them has been so difficult not because of their health or behavior, but because they are...

Makena – rescue superstar

This is Makena. She wishes some kind person would come adopt her because the paparazzi is outta control at the rescue. She said she can’t even eat in peace! She has been recently spayed and microchipped, along with being current on vaccinations. Makena really does...
Young, Female, Small
Adult, Female, Medium
Adult, Female, Small

SILVER LINING CAT BONDED View full description »

Adult, Female, Small

SILVER LINING CAT BONDED View full description »

Adult, Female, Small

SILVER LINING CAT View full description »

Adult, Female, Small

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Silver Lining Cats

Here at Tiny Tigers Rescue (TTR), we strive to provide silver linings for those cats who would otherwise be forgotten. While our primary goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home cats, there are times when a cat spends years with our rescue simply waiting on the right family to come along. When this happens, these cats become our "Silver Lining Cats". They may have medical conditions or behavioral issues that most people find too challenging to take on. These cats remain with TTR and are given care and love while awaiting their forever families. Some of these cats may never get adopted, while some may spend several years with us before finally being adopted. Our Silver Lining Cats remain listed as "adoptable" in hopes that they will one day find a forever home. Because of their medical or behavioral needs, you won't see them out with us at adoption fairs, but they are certainly available for a meet and greet with an approved adoption application and appointment. Our Silver Lining Cats can also be placed in foster homes for anyone interested in fostering one or more of these special cats.


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