If there is an emergency with a cat, message our Facebook Page as our care team monitors messages.,

Please read the contact choices carefully. The most specific contacts are listed first and more likely to be seen by our volunteers.

If you wish to contact us via mail, our mailing address is: Tiny Tigers Rescue, P.O. Box 207, Toast, NC 27049

An ‘other inquiries’ contact form is at the bottom of the page if you cannot find a specific contact reason that applies to your situation. Please select the most specific subject for your contact from the dropdown.

Transfer partners, please use this button to email us your transfer form. Thank you so much!

Use this button to email us your adoption application, adoption contract and questions about adopting.

No adoptions can be processed without a complete adoption application.
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Use this button to ask about donating to Tiny Tigers Rescue or ask about your donation. You can donate through our Donate Button on the right or read about donations on our Donations page.

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You must have contacted Tiny Tigers Rescue by using the Other Inquiries form below or messaging our Facebook page before sending us an owner surrender form.

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