Before you adopt:

  • Adopting is a lifelong commitment
    • Depending on the age of the cat you adopt, your commitment may be twenty years. Are you prepared to care for a cat for two decades? You will go through changes in your life and age, and your cat will age from a tiny playful kitten to a sedate senior. You may have children in your future and your cat may need help to adjust to the new situation. Your children will need to be taught how to safely handle a live furry friend. Jobs and moves may occur – are you prepared to take your cat where ever you may go? If not, do not adopt.
  • Your cat is microchipped. Please keep this information current at all times. If your pet is lost, shelters and veterinarians can scan the microchip so that your cat can be returned to you
  • If your cat wears a collar, keep your name and number on a tag attached to the collar.
  • A cat will need to visit a veterinarian when you adopt, to establish a future medical resource and relationship. Kittens may need booster shots. Cats will need regular vaccinations and examinations. Your cat will also need flea and tick prevention medication. Are you prepared to budget for these costs?
  • Allow your adopted cat time to decompress. Your cat may be afraid at first in a new environment. Have the litter box areas, sleeping and feeding areas set up beforehand and show your new family member where they are. Keep visitors to a minimum until the cat seems comfortable. Be patient.
  • Items your new cat may need:
    • Collar
    • Food and water bowls
    • Litter, scoop and litter box
    • Carrier
    • Bedding
    • Grooming brush
    • Nail trimmers
    • Toys


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