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Adoption requires an adoption application, which you can find here. We require reference checks. We place cats mainly in the central and western areas of North Carolina but do place cats out-of-state if transportation can be arranged. Our cats are indoor family companions, although a safe, supervised outdoor daytime area is acceptable.

Our adoption philosophy is to adopt on the best home basis. If two ‘best home applications’ arrive at the same time, we adopt on a first-come, first-served basis. We want the best home for each cat. The majority of our cats are in foster homes, waiting for a forever home, although some are in kennels due to lack of fosters. We evaluate our cats and prospective adopters to ensure the best match.

Adoption costs

Our adoption fee is $150.00. Note that many of our cats have sponsored adoption fees, meaning that someone has paid the adoption fee for you. We also often offer discounts on adoption fees. All of our cats and kittens are current with age-appropriate vaccinations and microchipped. All animals 4 months old and older are spayed or neutered. If you adopt a kitten younger than 4 months from us, your signed adoption contract will require you have the kitten spayed or neutered no later than 6 months of age. Proof of spay/neuter will need to be provided to us once this has been done.  

Why do we charge an adoption fee?

We make no money on our adoption fees. Our average cost for vetting a cat is $350.00 as of 2020. Often the kittens and cats we take in are in poor condition and require much more expensive vet care than the average cost. We also have on-going veterinary costs such as monthly flea and tick prevention for each cat, as well as regular vaccine updates and vet visits. Other on-going expenses include litter and food. Our volunteers spend their precious time to socialize and care for our cats, plan and attend events and raise funds. We receive no government funds and even our compassionate veterinarians cannot provide care for free but must cover their expenses.

We depend on compassionate adopters like you to take a rescue cat and fulfill the dreams of that cat by making the cat a part of your family. Thank you for choosing rescue.

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