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Fostering a tiny tiger

Tiny Tiger’s Rescue always needs more foster homes. Foster homes allow us to save more cats and give our cats a chance to experience (sometimes for the first time) a warm home and the care and love a human can give. Fostering allows our cats to learn how to be a good pet by furnishing social interaction and a home environment. If you are unable to make a long-term commitment to a pet or want to temporarily try out pet ownership, fostering is a short-term commitment. Tiny Tigers fosters are needed for cats from kittens to seniors.

We provide all food and litter, cover all medical expenses and other needed items for your foster cat. You provide the effort and affection to help make your foster an adoptable family member. You may fall in love with your foster and become a ‘foster failure’! We value our fosters immensely and are always available if you have questions or need help with your foster cat. Fostering saves lives!  

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